04 February 2023

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Today Live Results | Fast Update | Fatafat Result | কলকাতা ফটাফট এফ এফ | Prediction, कोलकाता फटाफट Kolkata FataFat Tips, Result, Bazi Chart, Patti List, Tricks. Ghosh Babu satta fotafot old as well as new chart today sabse pahle

Kolkata Fatafat Tips

Kolkata FF Patti List

04 February 2023

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Today Live Fast Update Kolkata FF Tips KolkataFatafat Result Bazi Chart, कोलकाता फटाफट . Ghosh Babu satta, কলকাতা ফটাফট এফ এফ Prediction, Patti List, Tricks. old and new fotafot record chart today sabse pahle

Kolkataff Lottery

Name of the Lottery

Kolkata Fatafat

Lottery Ticket prize

₹ 10/-

Lottery Winning Prize

₹ 1 crore

Kolkata FF Result

It's Online or Offline

Folks who live in India know a lot about the Kolkata ff lottery game. Welcome to the official results page of one of India’s biggest lotto draw. If you wish to win huge sums of money by playing the lottery, then the Kolkata Fatafat provides you with the best chance.

On this page, we don’t only publish the official results of the Fatafat, we also provide all the information you need to know about the popular lotto game.

In case you’re new here, this lottery is played 8 times everyday except on Sundays, when it only holds 4 draws. There are no break days, which means you’ll always get a new opportunity to win.

In the past, this lottery is played in an offline setting alone. This means players would have to go to a shop to play their numbers. Things have changed though, with the game now almost entirely played online. There are still people who prefer to play offline and that option remains available.

To play the Kolkataff on the internet, you need to download and install an application tool that will give you access to the game.

Kolkata Satta Results Live

With lotteries not being legal in several Indian states, it can be quite difficult for some players who are based in restricted states. Kolkata ff Satta is, however, the most popular lottery game played over the internet for residents in West Bengal and other Indian states. Also known as the Satta game, it is played by millions of Indians.

Your winnings from the raffle can be quite significant, with winning prizes rising up to 1 Crore if you are lucky. What makes this lotto unique though is that you’ve the opportunity to play the lottery at least 8 times a day, which increases your chances of winning the prize money. If you wish to check the results of any of the 8 draws, visit this page to know if you won.

Winning Tips for Kolkata FataFat

If you’re looking for winning tips for the Kolkata FF, then you should be very careful to avoid bad tips. There are some folks across social media who promise to give you quality tips that will make you money, but the truth is they are as clueless as you.

The process of selecting numbers for the popular Indian lotto is random so no one can predict it. Your best chance of winning is to guess the number that will be drawn and hope it’s accurate.

Some players use old results to predict the numbers that will be drawn. While this is not a guarantee, there are people who vouch for it.

How to Check Results of Today’s FF Draw 

If you want to know if you have won the Kolkata ff, here is the way to do so:

Open this site and check the top of the page

Now look for the date and the time of the draw and make sure it is the same as your ticket

Check the number that is drawn for the date and time

Finally, check to confirm if the number is the same as the one you picked in your ticket.

Time-Table for Draw and Results

1st Bazi

⏰ 10:30 AM

2nd Bazi

⏰ 12:00 PM

3rd Bazi

⏰ 01:30 PM

4th Bazi

⏰ 03:00 PM

5th Bazi

⏰ 04:30 PM

6th Bazi

⏰ 06:00 PM

7th Bazi

⏰ 07:30 PM

8th Bazi

⏰ 09:00 PM

Kolkata FF Old Result

Old results of the Kolkata fatafat are quite useful if you want to play the lottery. Not only does it help you what the previous results of the lottery are, it can assist you in predicting numbers for future draws. We publish old results on our site for players to check.

If you want to check the past results of Indians second biggest lotto, click on Old Results on the menu bar and select the year/month/ day you are looking for. It is quite easy to  navigate.

Online KolkataFF  Result

Since all forms of lottery are illegal in many Indian States, playing the lottery online is a loophole used by millions of Indians to play various lottery games. Likewise, the Satta FF is one of the popular lotteries in India that can be played on the internet.

By playing this lottery online, you can avoid prospective conflict with the authorities. The chance of being in legal trouble also diminishes since you’re using a lottery medium that is hard to trace. You should still take precautions when playing the lottery online to avoid being tracked by the police. One easy way to do this is make use of a VPN when playing the lottery.

List of Fatafat Patti

Why You Should Play Kolkata FF

If you’re looking for reasons to play this lottery then you should continue reading this. Firstly, it is one of the easiest lotto games you will ever play. While other well-known lotteries require that you accurately predict about 6-7 different numbers, with the Fatafat raffle, you will only have to accurately guess one number.

The lottery game is also very cheap to play, which allows poor Indians to participate and win huge amounts of money. As many in Indian are battling with poverty, Kolkata ff increases their chances of of having a better financial life.

Lastly, the lottery is played several times a day, on a daily basis. This continuously gives you the opportunity to win the lottery even after a loss.

Kolkata FF Ghosh Babu

Once again, it is important to know that there are no special ways to accurately predict the lottery numbers from the Kolkata ghosh babu ff. So do not let these experts on social media mislead you. Like every other lottery player, you have to guess the number before each draw and hope that is accurate. If it is, then you become one of the few lucky winners.

Kolkata Photo Fort

The photo fort is one of the terms used by players of the Kolkata ff. Although there are several theories and speculations about what the term means, none of them has been proven to be right.

What is certain though is that it is an important keyword for the popular Indian lottery. This can be shown by the millions of searches that it generates every month.

All You Need to Know About Kolkata FF

What is Kolkata Fafafat?

This is a well-known Indian lottery that is available for players online. It is played 8 times a day (except on Sundays) and on a daily basis. This ensures that you have a lot of opportunity to win

How to play the Fatafat lotto game?

To play this lotto, all you have to do is buy a ticket with your predicted number. If your number matches the result of the draw...you win.

Who can play the Fatafat Raffle Draw?

Tickets to this game is only available offline to residents of the State of Kolkata . However, if you reside somewhere else in India where the lottery isn't banned, you can play the game online.

Does KolkataFF have Multiple Winners?

Since it involves guessing the drawn number accurately, it is possible for there to be multiple winners of the draw.

What is the lowest amount you can play with?

Although there isn't any upper limit to the amount you can use to play this lottery, the lowest you can spend is 5 rupees.

What is the Winning Prize?

The money you can win from the Kolkata fatafat depends on the amount you use to play. It is, however, possible for you to win up to 1 Crore if you're lucky enough.

Can I purchase more than one lottery ticket of the same draw date?

Yes, you are free to buy as many lottery tickets as you want

How to check the results a Draw?

Just visit Kolkata-ff.app on your mobile device to check or confirm the result of a bazi draw

How can I claim the prize in case I win the lottery?

To claim your winnings, all you have to do is submit to the government/lottery organizers a copy of your winning ticket as well as documents that will aid in identifying you.

How to win Kolkata FF?

There is no secret method that can help you to accurately predict results of the draw.

What you can do though is make use of old results of the lottery draw to predict the numbers

How to contact us?

If you wish to contact us, you can do so by clicking contact us

Can I play this Lotto Online?

Yes you can

How do I check old results?

Click on the 'Old Results' button located on the navigation bar